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The Remarkable Practice

The Remarkable Practice® is a connective methodology for creating dynamic results by activating ten internal and external domains that shape our lives every single day.

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The Men’s Circle

The Santa Monica Men’s Circle is a community of committed men who meet weekly to give and get the mature masculine support and practices from the legacy of deeply caring men.

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The Remarkable Tribute

Every man is honored for his accomplishments as this “Heroes Journey” inspires men up the mountain to meet their truest selves and greatest performance for opening their lives.

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for Remarkable Men

For Remarkable Men:

For Remarkable Men Is a leading man’s guide for evolving toward your authentic self and full life potentials. It is based on The Remarkable Practice™, a method for truth-seeking men who wish to excel far beyond their situational stories, usual results and repeating expectations.
For Remarkable Men is a collection of revealing questions, powerful building blocks, and actionable steps for walking or flying into the life you truly deserve. For men and their women who love them.
100 pages / softbound / published by CIYC press

I have been coaching with Paul for over five years personally and professionally. He keeps my compass pointed in the right direction, and my goals crystal clear as I obtain them all. He is in my corner when I need him with deep care, passion and solutions no matter what life throws at me.

- Dr. Sam

Paul is my coach! His fundamental strength inspires my sustainable success.Paul masterfully applies a deep and wide arsenal of practical and effective tools that ensure my achievement, highest personal powers and best month on month performance.

- Captain Moss

Paul has helped me create a “Remarkable” version of myself both personally and professionally! The depth and care he brings to every detail of my life surpasses everything I thought I could do. My ghosts and myths and jinxes have turned into powerful new stories and habits of excellence…he completely gets me and my dream!

- Daniel C

I strongly recommend Paul to my clients. He repeatedly brings out the best and brightest in everyone! His depth of care and insight directly into the psyche, allows him to unlock the oldest stopping blocks to then convert them into freedom and remarkable performance!

- D Grant, psychotherapist

I've been seeing Paul for five years as my Coachand mentor. He has changed my life significantly for the better. I'm not only a better man, but a happier, healthier leader in my own life. Paul has a deep deep connection to the spirit of life that he generously inspires me to have…I am living a remarkable version of myself, thank you Coach!

- Jerold (Writer, Teacher, Researcher)