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The Remarkable Practice®

The remarkable Practice® is a masculine methodology for creating dynamic results by activating ten internal and external domains that shape mens’ lives on a consistent basis. Do you have practice?

The Men's Circles

The Santa Monica Men's Circle is a powerful cauldron of committed men who meet weekly to give and receive wisdom, power, legacy and mature masculine practices from other trusting men.

The Men's Tribute Weekend 2016

Our 2016 Men’s Tribute is a uniquely powerful Weekend for men who are seeking new methods for achieving stronger results. It starts by caring about your progress and growth by acting upon it.


Self-Leadership Coaching is a unique choice. It is a program for those men and women who seek lasting change and direction for creating the best version of yourself along the way. I witness men move into new-found truths by dropping self-limiting stories, “deals” or patterns and habits that keep most men stuck in one-dimensional lives and unserving routines. Together we develop new found practices for building clarity, confidence, leadership and self-authority. This brand of Coaching stands on a framework of “Remarkable Practices” for empowering the change and results you seek. Next we ignite the potential inside your new personal tools to exceed far beyond expectations of society, family, and most of all, yourself. This is the path for becoming the man or woman you are truly meant to be.

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