Progressing peacefully with discomfort is a Remarkable Practice.  As men, we do our best to avoid discomfort in circumstances, people and change. Avoidance always fosters procrastination which purchases time and our way around discomfort whenever possible. Living these days in our comfort obsessed consumer crusade, only reinforces this strategy at every turn. We were not taught to sit with discomfort, how to observe it carefully, how to accept it for what it is, or how to respond by seeking our truth and integrity first.
The power that is waiting inside our discomfort comes from converting it into awareness and always choice. Choice to sit and embrace it eventually converts into choice to act upon it. As we avoid our own discomfort, we numb ourselves to the needs and struggles of others which always has some shaded impact on our relationships, communities, and world. Allow your discomfort to be a part of your learning as you move through locating your truth and higher self in any given matter.  Allow your discomfort to be your Remarkable practice and dependable compass during the darkest of storms and certainly change.