For The Man Who Wants It All

Life on your terms is more than a title, slogan or threat by any man. Life on your terms is a position you decide to claim that creates your own territory to own. Owning has proven far more valuable and unwavering than renting or visiting or borrowing. So when you claim and own your territory as a man, your terms become self-evident truths or borders you do not cross. Staying on your side of your own lines, in your “good zone” means not compromising your terms or your self.

On your terms…

Living life on our terms is not a position of arrogance or a mindset of entitlement. It is a clear and simple system that allows every man to know where he stands in any circumstance and on any matter.  Knowing where to draw our lines as men, starts with our values, our truths, our beliefs and our acts. We also must be clear about the integrity of our “lines”, are they black and white? Are they absolute and non-negotiable? When we create lines that are unwavering, we embolden ourselves to know where we stand. This allows us to know our position through our year until we choose to retire our term for a new one.

Having life on our terms means setting a small set of key terms that we never forget. Our set of terms becomes who we are and how we act to stay on the productive side of our life. The other side is where, when and how we do not serve ourselves. That side of our terms contains everything or everyone that does not work for us, nor moves us forward. The wrong side of our terms compromises our life and our terms.

Developing your terms starts with knowing what is not working in our lives and creating a very simple and strong line in the sand that will create a better working zone. We never cross our line and simply stay in our good zone. Perhaps one term is having men in your life… men who will support your success, support who you are and help you see your blind spots so you are not alone in your growth.

Remarkable Practices:

Setting terms for living life by your design is a very powerful approach to your greatest gift: the ability to create Remarkable Practices. This is a first step for creating a Remarkable Life. Start investing in yourself by developing a set of terms that identify your good zone. Once you have clear lines, stay in your good zone. It also means using a context of Remarkable Practices as a way to develop better knowing and acting. Remember to keep it simple, start by asking “what or who is not serving me, and what could be a better zone for me” As soon as you set your terms, you suddenly have powerful guides for living life your way.