Paul Bob Coach

The Grizzly

When was the last time you revealed your leadership?
How often do you lead a team to win?
Are you willing to step into new leadership for a day?

Are you Leading?
Are your Tools and Vision in place?

The Grizzly

A day of intense Leadership Trials

The Grizzly Intensive
For Initiated Men Only
Malibu Leadership Course
For registration facilitation, please contact:

"The Grizzly is calling"
Your team is waiting for leadership. You will be challenged to get them through points A, B and C.
This day of leadership puts you in charge and delivers Vision, Terms and Tools to win. This is your opportunity to expand your core habits of leading, and obtain new tools to excel in your style and results.

In the presence of real-time teams, you will select and deselect the skills and styles that work best for you. Only when we face critical circumstances that need our vision and decisions to care for our team, do we start to administrate our best practices that ultimately lead the day.

The Grizzly