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Our Open Circle is for men who want to learn.
It is a vital opportunity to get support and wisdom.
It starts by reserving your place right now.

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Open Circle

How often have you wished for the feedback, guidance or earnest listening from other men. What would it be like to fully disclose the situations and matters that are challenging you these days? Our Open Men's Circle is the place where you can sit among other men without the judgements or feelings that you are bad or wrong. It is a safe place for open discourse, brutal honesty and
Remarkable Practices
Every man has real circumstance and challenges that can use wisdom and perspective from result-oriented men. Every man is seeking to integrate and balance his life and everyone in it. Our approach is to ask short, deep questions so that you can find new answers from many different perspectives. Are you being the best man you can be on your own? Sit with the men and find new ways for new results.