Paul Bob Coach

Private Coaching 100 Lives

Everything you DO, SAY, THINK and FEEL, creates the events, stories, people & results in your life.”

How about going all the way in your life and success?

I am for those men and women who get off their couch and choose a Coach. I am for those who seek new perspectives, wisdom and personal tools for building a plan into their own success. I am continuing the principless, practices and legacy of those self-made men and women who built winning lives based on strong actionable accomplishments.
“Being your own man” is a leadership choice built on purpose, mission, spirit and balance. I am committed to the practice of improving lives for all those who earnestly seek their own personal authority and authentic inner power and practices. Focusing on new opportunities and solutions is the first step and my commitment in play.

Integrating You:

Everyone has a set of practices in place for better or worse. What if you measured yours and discovered many were not creating the results you really wanted? What if you found your measures to be incomplete and your “tools & skills” were all you knew. This program Integrates and aligns all ten Domains inside, and creates new principles, tools and practices for growth and contribution. This is the Why, How and What for discovering the most Remarkable version of your self, and putting it to the best use going forward.
Private Coaching 100 Lives

Performance Coaching:

Choosing a Performance program is a little like time travel; we get you from point A to point B in a set period of time. It is a target-based Coaching approach for accomplishing a specific growth venture, relationship transition, key project or life phase. This kind of performance puts you in center court in your own Pro match on the way to winning your title. Personal or professional, this program is a blast of vision, mission and tactical objectives that get you from where you are, to where you really want to be.
Private Coaching 100 Lives

Vision & Higher Purpose:

Setting a Vision is uniquely human as we are the only ones who can. Is your vision set? Do you know WHY and WHERE you are going? Do you know your Purpose or Higher Purpose, and the difference between the two? How about the phase you are in, and what your greatest lessons and gifts are. This Program is about reviewing your inner Compass and seeing where you've been, where you are, and where you want to go. Are you a Mission-driven man or woman? Let's look inside and consider some course-correcting!
Private Coaching 100 Lives