Man, Do Your Purpose!

“I just want to know my purpose!”. Why do men want to know their purpose? Some men spend years searching and seeking. Other men simply live life right in front of them. I like to split purpose from higher purpose to simplify matters. I Coach that our purpose means providing for our daily lives as measured by food, shelter and clothing… yes, the fundamentals. Our purpose is a day to day accomplishment that needs our real devotion so we provide for our lives.

For some men fundamentals include being a house holder. For other men, fundamentals means being able to pay bills, have a place to live, some friends, fun-toys and some real self-time. It is important to serve your purpose first…food, shelter, clothing…right? Many men want to move into their higher purpose and just do that despite how much they may sacrifice for it. Respecting your purpose first and committing to your opportunity to thrive is no small feat. It will also bring you closer to starting you more important work found in your higher purpose that centers around meaningful contribution and legacy. So the how starts with “taking care of your basics” first so you can next be the diplomatic emissary to Sweden.

Paul Bob Velick  /  A Coach In Your Corner