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Starting on your path or continuing,
each step can be a new Practice.
It's your LIFE, start walking.

It's your life
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Men's Mountain Weekend

This is our Initiation Weekend For All Men. This is the weekend that introduces the Domain of Men and what it means to find your place among the men. This Weekend expresses The Remarkable Practice in spirit and action. This weekend opens many doors for growth, adventure and leadership.

The Domain Of Men

Meet the men where it all started. Sit in Circle in a "Flow Time" connecting with the deepest matters that govern your actions. Sit with the men and walk with the men and learn the origins of your power and how the well of wisdom and power gets filled.


A Remarkable Day For Leading

This is an open invitation to all men. Our One Day conference for learning new tools and new style choices inside your Leadership is pivotal. Step into a highly supported leadership hot seat designed to highlight what is, and what is NOT working for you. This day quickly reveals best practices and gives you new tools to put into practice among the strong support of other leaders.

Open Men's Circles

This is where all practices get revealed, supported and accelerated. Participate fully in any of these locations and formats: Santa Monica / Encino / Orange County and virtually online from all points possible.

RMP Calendar:
2023 / 2024