The myth and man inside the Bottle is very old and certainly singular: we always ask the Genie for a wish and

he makes it his command to fulfill. Some of us smugglers go so far as to ask for 100 more wishes right at the

start. The Remarkable man has a more dimensional approach. He prepares himself for the Genie so that he

can really get what he needs in the event the Genie only allows for one wish, or is a prankster.

By declaring our answers to the matters below, we can very effectively prepare for the Genie. We may even for

the first time connect with our own Genie inside. The effect almost doubles when we do this with other men

as witnesses and proactive supports for really getting the goods on the table. By the time you get to the bottom

of this list, you will be Remarkably prepared for the Genie which just might be YOU.

Declare what’s on your toleration list:

Declare what you are DONE with

Declare what you would love to change up:

Declare what you will better off doing in your life at this time:

Declare what you would love to embark upon: