Paul Bob Coach

Our Men’s Circles

The Santa Monica Men’s Circles and Remarkable Practice Circles provide support for a community of men committed to evolving each others success.
Are you willing to find your place among the men?

From the Men

Our Men’s Circles open a powerful door for giving and receiving truth, wisdom, power, purpose and mature masculine practices. It is a community of committed men who meet weekly to focus on deep matters and daily challenges that all men face. It is a safe place for turning demanding circumstances into opportunities, by revealing blind spots and long held myths that keep you from living the life youreally deserve.
Our Circles start by bringing what matters most, and having a reliable trust to be heard. It is a masculine Domain where you can receive time-tested tools for new solutions and change. Change that includes becoming a better husband, loving father, loyal friend, and successful leader with a higher purpose. It starts with a willingness to ask for what you truly want, and gaining Remarkable practices for going forward.