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Paul Bob Velick

Your Coaching Program is totally unique-
It is built upon your emerging vision
for a more Remarkable YOU

Having a Coach in your corner

Paul Bob Velick
Paul Bob Velick Having an advocate for who you are opens new territories for expressing yourself. My approach goes deep into your character choices that drive your personal practices. Also known as the "Why" factor, getting to the core of your drives and beliefs and why they are driving, is a game changer. Together we then explore more options for adjusting your character toward new personal and professional results. Our focus builds a strong basis of self, financial and spiritual authority as a basis for continuing integration and results.
"I specialize in Self-Leadership Coaching. It is an approach developed from The Remarkable Practice®, a method for helping truth-seeking Men and Women transition into greater success, purpose and meaning in their lives. This kind of Leadership Coaching goes deep into the "Why" of all matters to reveal our greatest potentials. It means embracing simple new steps and practices for connecting who we are with who we truly want to be."
The Remarkable Practice
is an interactive methodology
for creating measurable and dynamic results

The Remarkable Practice

The Remarkable Practice® is available to all performance-seeking men and women who want a path for best practices, connectionsignificance and integration. It is a systematic way for discovering your personal ownership and self-leadership
Paul Bob Velick
“Man, know thy self, so you can be thy self.”
The Ten Domains above and their inner components, make up the map and core of the Remarkable Practice. Like a set of building blocks, if one is greatly compromised, so is the entire structure. If you score your Domains on a 1 - 10 basis, you will get a glimpse of what's working and what's not. The good news is that one Domain effects another, strengthen one and you can bring up others. The Practice is about highlighting weak Domains and bringing them to a level that is the truly YOU. And when you do this with a Coach or others who are practicing, the process greatly accelerates and new results become more and more "remarkable".