Paul Bob Coach


Man, Do Your Purpose! “I just want to know my purpose!”. Why do men want to know their purpose? Some men spend years searching and seeking. Other men simply live life right in front of them. I like to split purpose from higher purpose to simplify matters. I Coach that our purpose means providing for our daily lives as measured by […]

“Confidence is a shell game”.  Most men think they need more and want more: “if only I had more!”  B.S!  If I gave you a truckload of confidence, what would you do with it? And why do so many men want so much confidence? They claim it will really make them ready and able…… Ready and able for what? […]

Is our anger ok?….”Hell yes!” Is our anger ok everywhere?…”Hell no!” Choosing between healthy and unhealthy anger is the real balancing act. Some men describe it as productive anger versus unproductive anger. Productive anger fuels our drive to go out and get what we want and need in our world. Counter productive anger damages property, hurts people, wrecks the whole scene and some times puts […]

Do you have a spiritual source? NOT RELIGION.  Do you have a space for deep connection, grounding and significant knowing for where you stand and how you define yourself. Many men live with a spiritual connection to something alive, infinite and universal; other men believe that everything and everyone is simply circumstantially “here.” Knowing on which side you […]