Your Spiritual Source?

Do you have a spiritual source? NOT RELIGION.  Do you have a space for deep connection, grounding and significant knowing for where you stand and how you define yourself. Many men live with a spiritual connection to something alive, infinite and universal; other men believe that everything and everyone is simply circumstantially “here.” Knowing on which side you stand, and which story is true for you, is key to finding peace in who you are and how you relate to the world. Either side creates a resolved knowing about how you arrived here, what your role may be, and perhaps how your world works. In these ways, this Domain sets the stage for having a key part in a very big play.

Creating a spiritual life is one of the pillars of self-authority, as it can bring you meaning and fulfillment on your way to leaving a clear or lasting legacy. This Domain thrives in those who claim or reclaim it as a personal “spiritual” connection. It is for those men who wish to connect more deeply to the “inner and outer unseen forces” capable of connecting us to “everything.”


Paul Bob Velick  /  A Coach In Your Corner